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Tennis Racket
The Tennis Player, The Parents, The Coaches, and The Community.
We at Tennis Treasures are working hard to make life less difficult for the tennis families of America. Let's start with focusing on a tennis scholarship and then perhaps the opportunity to make a comfortable living on the pro tour. Your Tennis Treasures team has invested thousands of hours and lots of money into this project with the goal of:
Everyone Wins!
1. The Young Adults
will soon have the tools and skills to get a free ride scholarship. All they need is the help of Tennis Treasures and the advice of a strong tennis coach.
2. Parents
may not have to pay for expensive college tuition’s. Their children will have the opportunity to get a free education and possibly make a comfortable living on the pro tour as well.
3. The Coach
Now has an assistant coach, “The Tennis Treasures Training Manual.” This allows the coach to have a lecture and then a lab. Just like college professors.
Tennis Court
4. The Tennis Club
is proud to have many successful tennis students who are winning more and more tournaments. Now the clubs popularity grows as well as an increase in their bottom line.
5. The Authors
of this advanced training manual are happy to have created a successful and comprehensive support tool for gifted tennis players, male and female. We also feel that the hard working parents will appreciate the overwhelming support that Tennis Treasures provides their family.
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