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    Hello my name is Rich Jackson and I am one of the owners of Tennis Treasures. We represent a uniquely designed Tennis Training Manual that will dramatically support the development of your advanced students. The results will be a significant increase in their overall performance. This includes using strategies, tactics and formulas that can lead to obtaining a tennis scholarship and more.

The Tennis Treasures Training Manual was originally designed to help only gifted and seasoned tennis players in making a comfortable living on the pro tour.

Our primary goal has now changed to help young athletes in obtaining
a full ride tennis scholarship!

Note: Many athletes of different sports are gifted in tennis and are not yet aware of it. Rafael Nadal started out as a soccer player.

So, the Tennis Treasures team has now decided to share this powerful information with younger gifted tennis players at a discounted rate!

Starting with the affordable Price Of:

  • $65.00 for the Full 100 page E Book!!!

  • $149.00 for the hard copy, plus shipping.

  • $199.00 for both hard copy and E Book, plus shipping.

{Both must be ordered together to enjoy the discounted price.}

If you want to do your part in helping gifted students reach their

full potential and also help parents save thousands in college cost.

Then don't hesitate to purchase "Tennis Treasures" today.

BTW Coaches: Tell decision making parents to take a look at this!

Parents have as much to gain as the students.

Prices are subject to change in the future.

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